Intro to EuroTrip 2008

EuroTrip 2008:

  • What: Trip through Europe
  • Who: Me & my co-worker/friend Sebastian
  • When: 3 Jul — 3 Aug
  • Where: Berlin, Prague, Vienna, Paris, London, Exeter
  • Why: My parents are remodeling their house so I have nowhere to stay in Arizona, Sebastian is from Germany and has friends all over Europe so finding things to do and ppl to stay with is no big deal, and I am addicted to travel.

I will try to post daily updates, anecdotes, and pictures, but please forgive me if I cannot get to it everyday. I am not sure if I will have internet or inclination everyday.

Love to all,
Jareau Kwabena Mensa Wade

p.s. the pic is of everything I brought with me on the trip: 2 bags for 1 month.


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