A few things I like about Berlin so far:

  1. It doesn’t get dark until 10:30pm, which gives you the strange sense that there is always more time in the day. This lends itself to great summertime chilling.
  2. Most people speak English, but I have started to feel bad when groups of Sebastian’s friends begin to speak English just because I am around.
  3. The culture of the city is very laid-back. A lot of people ride bikes, drinking beer on the streets is legal, and it really feels like people don’t take themselves too seriously here. Today, we spent two hours in a Turkish coffeeshop.
  4. There is a diversity of races, lifestyles, ages, and languages. What’s more, everyone seems to be very ok with everyone else living their lives they way they do.
  5. Berlin is extremely easy to get around. The U-bahn and the S-bahn and relatively expensive, but well worth it. The routes go everywhere, the buses and trains are clean and odorless, and the trains run on time
  6. Berlin is safe enough to raise a family, but cool enough to make it look like fun. I keep seeing these young, hip families throughout the city. Moms and dads who look like they should be in a band together are walking around holding their 3 year old’s hand. I love it.

More Berlinness to come….


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  1. soundmonster Says:

    Hey Jareau, I’ve read through the recent posts of your blog, and liked this one most. Seems like you’ve quite understood the essence of Berlin in a couple of days!

    Leo, the “something-something”-guy

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