Happy Independence Day from Berlin

Happy Independence Day!!!!! To celebrate, Seb let me borrow his red, white, and blue dunks. I love dunks and I love America, so I was pretty happy most of the day, but it was raining, cold, and I felt like crap after being sick earlier in the week.

I slept till noon and then went to a tropical health clinic around 2pm where the doctor ran some tests on my blood and was able to tell me within 15 min that I never had Malaria (unlike what the Ghanaian doctor told me) and that if I were feeling better in a few days, no further treatment was needed. God bless German efficiency.

After the doctor, Sebastian introduced me to the Turkish-German delicacy döner. It is a bunch of meat, a bunch of vegetables, and some sauces thrown into a bread pocket, which is not nearly big enough, but is delicious. The thing looked like it was the size of my head and Sebastian later told me that döner is unique to Germany and was developed by Turkish immigrants living in Germany after WWII – you can’t even get döner in Turkey.

Overall, it was a good day. I found out I don’t have a dangerous tropical disease, and I tried a delicious new food, which can only be found in Germany. Oh, and I realized that I love Berlin. More on that to come.



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