Lazy Sunday

Yesterday, I didn’t do anything. We started off the day with a nice 4 hour Turkish brunch at a cafe near Sebastian’s flat. I think we had about 12 people there in total. The weather was perfect again so we sat there, drinking coffee, eating food, and speaking in several languages (English, German, and Turkish).

After brunch we went to Mauerpark, which was hosting a fleamarket. There were the usual arts, crafts, antiques, and old records for sale. I wasn’t interested in buying anything except for a few comics books, which Seb talked me out of, but I did learn something interesting. In Germany (and perhaps other parts of Europe), soul, funk, reggae, and hip-hop music fall under the category of “Black Music.”

To undermine the stereotype, I went promptly home and listened to some Minus the Bear & Tokyo Police Club while I sat on the balcony and chatted with some friends online.

The day concluded with a nap, some Thai food, and some more sleeping. In general, this is what I think vacations should be like: a combination of food, good people, music, great weather, and no sense of urgency whatsoever.



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