Schizophrenic Praha

Prague is full of historic buildings, enchanting streets, and beautiful lights. Prague is full of noxious cigarette smoke, bad graffiti, and apparent poverty. I am struck by the apparent division that exists in Prague between the city center, which is full of tourists, and the residential areas I have seen (albeit I have only seen the outskirts of Prague from the window or a tram), which have all the signs of an economically depressed area – vacant store fronts, dirty streets, and graffiti. I could totally be misreading the city, but this is my impression from my 3 days her so far, but I like it. It kinda reminds me of Philly.

Vienna is next; hopefully the weather will be better. Some of our sightseeing in Prague has been limited or diminished by a persistent overcast and rain. That being said, I have managed to get some amazing shots of the city and will be posting them soon. Prosimo.


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