Who is running America?

Henry Paulson. Ben Bernanke. Warren Buffet. The surviving CEOs of the US financial industry.

None of these people were elected by the American people yet they seem to be the ones making all the decision lately.

I am not sure if this is a good or a bad thing considering the US Congress nearly sabotaged the passage of the rescue package due to partisan issues and members of Congress making plays to ensure reelection.

But it does make me wonder: Where the hell is our president? It seems there is an absence of leadership. Perhaps I shouldn’t get my hopes up at this point; Bush is a lame duck, after all.

On the other hand, even Gordon Brown, Britain’s PM, who is widely disliked in his home country, is showing exemplary signs of leadership and clear thinking by setting the bar for what an effective rescue package should look like.

Who is running America?


One Response to “Who is running America?”

  1. Gameli Magnus Adzaho Says:

    Democracy is a concept that interests me greatly because of its inherent irony. It is essentially defined as “rule by the many.” However, the many choose few to govern them and make decisions on their lives. Isn’t that inherently contradictory to its very nature? And then there are those, like Buffet, who no one elects, yet they wield so much power. There is indeed a madness in the system!

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