Shout out to B

I spent much of today tracking down and cleaning up my on-line presence: I have 3 email accounts, 3 main chat/IM account, a account, a twitter account, a blog, and am a member at least 4 social networking sites (why so much? this is something I will blog about later).

While browsing around one such social networking site, SoulGenesis, which is focused on social activism, environmentalism and music I saw a familiar face in the “Featured Members” section of the SoulGen homepage. It was Brian Peterson, an educator/author/blogger who has helped me out considerably during my days as president of the UPenn Chapter of the National Society of Black Engineers. I have to admit that I never knew B (as he is often referred to) that well, but I wish I had as I was always impressed by his calming nature, intelligent input, and most of all, his compassion. This post is my attempt to say thanks, promote his work, and make sure B gets the credit he deserves.

You can read more about B, here, and I really encourage you to check out the blog he wrote during the 2008 presidential elections. Keep up the good work, B. We need more teachers and mentors like you.

-J. K. Wade


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