References & Critiques


I have come to peace with my Alternative MBA Application. I don’t think I can add much more – it’s too long already – and I don’t know what I would take away. The only things I know I am missing, I cannot provide.

I need references. As Seth Godin puts it, I need “an impeccable list of references.” So this is a request to all of my friends, peers, co-workers, colleagues, and mentors to add any true, honest, and relevant feedback about me to my Squidoo page/Alternative-MBA Application in the form of a comments at the bottom of the page. If you have feedback that you don’t want other to see, let me know and we can figure out how to get that sent in as well.

I would also appreciate comments, suggestions, and critiques of my application. Be honest. I need to improve.

Finally, if you would like to apply or have any questions, please let me know, but do it quickly; the application deadline for the Alternative MBA Program is 14 December.

-J.K. Wade


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