Solving Africa, by Junior Kanu

The notion that a single man could actually “solve” Africa might seem unrealistic and, indeed, audacious. But you have got to respect the ambition, the ideals, and the sense of purpose of Junior Kanu, a 23 yr old Nigerian who will be graduating from the NYU journalism program this Friday and already has plans to spend the first part of 2009 traveling around the world’s oldest continent, capturing the dreams of young Africans he meets along the way and conflating these narratives into a book he intends to title, “Solving Africa.”

I have had the pleasure of talking with Jr. via email for the past few days and afterward offered to do whatever I could to support his project. In that light, I would encourage anyone interested in helping Africa’s Cheetah Generation develop their continent to please checkout the Solving Africa website and join the Solving Africa Facebook group.

Although Junior and I seem to be on opposite trajectories, him traveling to Africa and me going back to the States, I hope to keep in touch with him and watch his journey. I encourage you all to do the same.

-J. K. Wade


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